simplify the process of organizing and plugging in members to your ministry!

A cloud based church member management software solution designed to save your church time and money.
What are the benefits of Connect?
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Saves your church time and money.
Ability to turn on or off new member input.
An affordable monthly payment.
Quick reference for members.
Members can easily connect to service and discipleship opportunities.
Integration of current user lists in an electronic database.
Notifications to staff members of new members looking for service opportunities.
An easy to use organizational tool.
Ability to access anywhere, anytime through cloud based storage.
Saves time and money. How?
Paperless record keeping.
Allows member information to be updated without use of secretary.
Allows input of ministry opportunities and automatic recognition of matching persons.
Maximizes turnaround and connecting new members to service opportunities.
  1. Your church signs up for an account with Connect. You create a church website (ex., which will direct your members to the website.

  2. Once at the website, new members input their own personal information (such as spiritual gifts, salvation, and background). Existing members can edit their information.

  3. You can input service opportunities and Connect will automatically show the new member which opportunities connect with their spiritual gifts.

  4. Your staff will receive a notification of the new member, allowing you to connect that new member to service opportunities within the church.

  5. Access your church’s member list from anywhere you have internet or a wifi connection.